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Calling Card Spy

You buy our telephone calling card, give it to your spouse, family member or significant other, and you get a detailed printout of every call made, date time, telephone number called, and telephone number the call was placed from.

The calling card can be mailed to you or directly to the subject (choose below).

It is completely generic. The subject will never know where it came from. It appears to be a FREE promotional product.

These are the same cards used by Private Investigators, Fugitive Recovery Agents, and Repossession Companies for years with GREAT success.

30 Minutes for $47.00 + Tax,
60 Minutes for $67 + Tax
90 Minutes for only $87.00 + Tax
(includes set-up and mailing fees)


Denomination :
Name you wish the
card addressed to:

or leave blank and it will be addressed to the credit card holder name.
If you want the card mailed directly to your subject, complete this section: (otherwise the calling card will be delivered to your credit card mailing address)
Street Address & Apt #:
  I with the terms and conditions.


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