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GPS-Stick It

Low Cost -Premium Product- Great Value! - Find where your kids have been, Verify employee driving routes, Review family members driving habits, Watch large shipment routes, Know where anything or anyone has been. more

Best411/ Checkmate Semen Detector

Is a detection system that detects traces of semen left in both men's and women's undergarments or elsewhere before, during and after sexual relations. This works by a simple chemical process that takes only a few minutes. more

Tiny GPS Tracking Device

Premium Product! - Global Ultra Advanced Positioning Satellite Data Logging GPS System World's Smallest and Most Powerful Worldwide Land, Air and Sea Historical GPS Logger! Actual size in Inches: 4.10" X 1.20" X 0.87" more

Telephone Calling Card Spy

Give this generic free looking calling card to someone and you get a detailed report on every call made including both the numbers they called AND the numbers the called from. more


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