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Refund Information

  • Name & Address from Unlisted Phone Number Full
  • Name & Address from Cellular Number Full
  • Name & Address from Pager Number Full
  • Name & Phone Number from Address (including unlisted phone/non-published phone) ($5 No-Hit Fee applys) Full
  • Phone Number from Name and Address ($5 No-Hit Fee applys) Full
  • Name Address and date of Installation from phone/non-published phone) Full
  • Name and Address from Disconnected Number Full
  • Name & Address from Disconnected Cellular Number Full
  • Name & Address from Disconnected Pager Number Full
  • Name & Address from toll free or 900 numbers Full
  • Name & Address from Social Security Number ($5 No-Hit Fee applies) Full
  • Address only search ($5 No-Hit Fee applys) Full
  • Cellular Acquisition (See Page)
  • Cell History Full
  • Employment Search ($25 No-Hit fee applies) Full
  • Search for people by SSN ($5 No-Hit fee applies) Full

To expedite your refund request, please send us an email. Please make sure that your Invoice Number is in the Subject Line of your email. In the body of your email please include your full name, the date of the order, AND THE SEARCH INFORMATION YOU PROVIDED. Thank You.


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