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Semen Detector

Everybody's Talking about the Infidelity Test Kit™ from Best411/Checkmate.

The Best411 /CheckMate semen detection products have been featured in many different media formats including several documentaries dealing with the issues surrounding infidelity and cheating spouse's.

  • The Today Show
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  • Rob Nelson Show
  • Dr Phil
  • Paul Harvey
  • Howard Stern
  • Sex Channel
  • The London Times
  • CNN
  • Globe News
  • Reuters
  • TechTV
  • CBS Studio 2
  • Men's Edge (03-05)
  • Playboy
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  • Men's Health (10-04)
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Detect traces of dried semen left in underwear after sex!
Only $49.95

Second Kit Included FREE

Test a Woman

Like the home pregnancy test before it, the Best411/Checkmate Infidelity Test Kit has increased the information gathering capabilities of the average consumer to a level never before seen while at the same time having a profound impact on our society. After sex all women experience what is commonly referred to as "flow back." This causes the semen that was deposited by her male partner during intercourse to slowly flow back out of the woman's body, resulting in dried semen stains in her undergarments that can be instantly detected with CatchCheaters/Checkmate.

Was she faithful on that last business trip? Was it really just lady's night out? Be the first to know instead of the last with the CatchCheaters/Checkmate Infidelity Test Kit. Complete instructions included.

Test a Man

Women. This is the original Best411/Checkmate INFIDELITY® test kit. The revolutionary home use semen detection product that has been changing lives around the world since 1999. Just like the home pregnancy test did before it, the original Best411/Checkmate semen detection test kit has increased the information gathering capabilities of the average consumer to a level never before seen, while at the same time having a profound impact on our society. Now you don't have to be lied to anymore!

For women this amazing product has the ability to extend your reach far beyond the walls of your own home. If your intuition tells you something just isn't right or if you just want to find out what that stain really is. The original CatchCheaters/Checkmate semen detection test kit is the answer you've been looking for. Get CatchCheaters/Checkmate and find out what's really going on today.

Questions about the test? Click here for the Semen Detector Frequently Asked Questions.


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HOW it works
Because men can continue to secrete small amounts of semen for up to 2 hours or more after each ejaculation or sexual encounter, traces of dried semen will almost always be present in their undergarments after sex.

Even if a man uses a condom during sexual intercourse or even if he only had oral sex performed on himself, there will still be traces of semen in his underwear. As long as the article to be tested has not been washed, traces of dried semen will remain present for very long periods of time, so any item that you think may have been stained as the result of recent sexual activity can quickly and easily be tested with Best411/Checkmate.

For women, the most import factors to consider when using this product are the size and location of the stain in the underwear itself, as well as the circumstances surrounding the suspected semen stain.

Say for example you discover one small localized stain at the bottom of the underwear. This may indicate dripping after masturbation. But, if you happen to find a stain in the upper waist band area of the underwear, this would more than likely indicate he was at least semi erect, and may have pulled his pants back up quickly after ejaculating.

Semen stains in the waistband area of the undergarment are usually accompanied by several other semen stains that were deposited in various locations as the erection subsided, as well as a fairly large stain at the bottom.

He brings the evidence home to you and doesn't even know it!

This is really, really simple... Say for example, he left the house on Sunday afternoon, and told you he was going to play golf. Then, when he came home and took a shower, you got his underwear and did the test. If any semen was present, what is he going to say? I was masturbating on the golf course ? A woman's intuition combined with this easy to use home test kit make for one complete investigation. Remember. You're not always looking for a positive test result. Hopefully he's not cheating and your test will be negative. Either way, that's the beauty of this amazing product. Now you can end the nightmare of suspicion and doubt and find out what's really going on in 5 minutes or less with the CatchCheaters/Checkmate 5 Minute Semen Detection Test Kit. It really works!

  • Be the first to know instead of the last
  • Why spend endless hours wondering and worrying?
  • CatchCheaters/Checkmate is a screening tool that gives you the advantage
  • Imagine the possibilities
  • Don't wait until it's 5 years to late
  • Start planning your future knowing you're doing the right thing
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Second test kit included free



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